Concerts and Such: Brent Faiyaz

    So this is my 2nd show at Union Stage so at least I knew what to expect in terms of venue layout. Luckily I just left from dinner with my mom who is in town for my Uncle Boe’s funeral  so she dropped me off and I didn’t have to walk (I parked at my aunt’s house in SW who is about 3 blocks away from the venue). I will have to walk back though but that’s ok. Now, when I was here last they had the check-ins/box office/will call upstairs but this time all of that was downstairs just like U St. but you can’t slip by even if you have a ticket because they also ID and wristband you there. Luckily, the line wasn’t that long so I didn’t have to wait long. Those that tried their luck with getting by for already purchased quickly got turned right back around (good thing I stayed put).

    Just as I got down to where I could see the door leading to the floor the lights went down inside them and they closed the door. The show was just beginning so I had arrived right on time. Once I got everything that I needed I proceeded inside. It was not crowded and I was very surprised. There were people on the floor but not as many as I thought. It became clear that there would be a lot of people coming late. So I decide after looking around for where I would stand opted for the middle even though there were already tall people blocking my view (damn it).

    Diana Gordon was the opening act and I must say she was a breath of fresh air. One of the best and most engaging opening acts that I’ve seen thus far. So just as I was typing this I look up and who do I see but Diana going down the line stopping to talk and take pictures with people so I actually got a chance to tell her I was just writing about her for my blog and was giving her great compliments. She let us in to her personal life and described some stories for us one in which she found her brother after looking for him for 16 years. The meeting was by God’s design as she said she would’ve had to have been there at that exact moment. She also spoke of how she raised 2 of her brothers and one is in college and how she’s so proud. She said her sister is ungrateful and that she (Diana) is the type of person that will do something nice and not require or look for anything in return (I can believe that because I’m like that). She also told us that she did a writer’s camp and worked with Beyoncé (wrote the song Sorry, Daddy Issues and Don’t Hurt Yourself). Some of the songs in which she sang that I likes were Koolaid, Moments to Myself and Wolverine. Now upon meeting her while in line I couldn’t help but think that she’s so pretty, so yes girl come through with the black girl magic (round of  applause).   

     Brent Faiyaz came out looking all smooth with shades and a coat on (I knew that coat wouldn’t be on long). He rocked the stage (he moved around a lot- so everytime he was still I got a picture) and interacted with the crowd. Every now and then he stopped or I guess you can say paused the show to either drink water or take a moment. He admitted that he likes to smoke and did so before the show (not judging)? He didn’t sing my song I really wanted to hear “Needed” but did he did sing “First World Problemz/Nobody Carez”. It was funny because at one point in the middle of the show he asked someone if they had any gum and I’m in the middle of the floor thinking, “I got gum the good one too with the long lasting flavor.” (I shouldn’t have to say this but I am actually talking about gum, The Airhead Watermelon kind-just fyi). Then he’s like, “Seriously anybody have any” so someone closer gave him a stick (you know those long thin ones where the flavor dies out quick-they must not know about that good gum).

  There were a couple of times where he disappeared from the stage and came back so after singing a slew of his songs when he said, “Thank you, DC” and left the stage we thought he’d be coming back out. Nope, there was a slight chant for him to come out and then the lights came on and you know when those lights come on the show is over. Now I see why it was really over for it looks like a 25% of the people there bought meet and greet tickets (myself included). As we stood in line awaiting the meet and greet and after chatting with Diana we began to really move (the line). As we got closer the two girls ahead of me turned around and asked if they were crazy for having a fangirl moment. I told them no it just makes it obvious that they really like Brent and that’s ok (it’s not like they were extreme they just didn’t know what they would say to him). I assured them they would be alright. My turn came and I got a nice hug and we took two photos with different poses (oh and did I mention while we were in line it was announced that we would get a signed CD as well for free). As he signed my CD I told him I had some gum for him the good kind and pulled it out. He said, “I know all about that Airhead gum, that’s good gum I appreciate it.” He took a piece gave me my CD and we said our goodbyes (I thanked the guy that took my photo).

    Before I got upstairs I checked my picture and was satisfied. Once upstairs I saw the girls that were in front of me and asked them if they liked their pictures. The one girl who was really fanning out said no because her picture was too dark and she showed me. She was right, they looked like silhouettes where you couldn’t make them out. I felt bad for her but told her to go back down and get another one. She said they probably wouldn’t let her but I kept insisting she at least go back and ask because I could tell the picture was a highlight of the night for her but she insisted it was ok. Not gonna lie I went back and forth with this girl for a little bit to go back down and her friend (the other girl agreed with me but seemed a little hesitant). At a point I stopped myself because I realized she didn’t want it bad enough. Her possibly being rejected and told no or getting in front of the rest of the people waiting was enough to make her not budge. Now if it were me or my friend it would’ve been forget the people still waiting it’s not like you weren’t waiting at a point and let me get this quick do-over pic. And if it were my friend I probably would’ve grabbed her and we would’ve at least attempted but I learned a long time ago people have to want it for themselves. So I wished them a goodnight, bundled up and walked to my aunt’s house to get my car and go home. Great show, I enjoyed it a lot and listened to the CD as I wrote my Instagram recap and on the ride home.

The next show is tomorrow Alice Smith and Bilal.

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