Concerts and Such: DVSN

    So tonight we have a sold out show of DVSN at the Fillmore Silver Spring. Doors open at 8pm and I arrived a little after 8:30pm. Luckily I never have to worry about parking here and as I arrived to the venue the line outside was not long and was moving at a good pace. In crossing the street to get to the venue two older ladies rushed past and cut in front of a few people in line. They…were…pissed but not so much so to where they intimidated them. I’m not like that so I followed in line like you’re supposed to.

    A much faster security process since I ditched my big purse and before you know it I was inside. Now mind you I for whatever reason hadn’t eaten anything so far that day so by now I was in dire need of some food. Now there’s a regular menu item I get occasionally when I come here and it’s called funnel fries. It is exactly as described a funnel cake in a fries format, pretty affordable too $5 (not bad right). I headed downstairs immediately to their full bar to order them and ate them in 2 mins.

    Now even though the floor was only about halfway full I knew I wanted to be upstairs and I would have a better view. I proceeded upstairs and found my placement at the very top on the left side. It looked as though (at least for now) that I would have a good view for pics. Random moment: I’ve always wondered if you spell out the group’s name D-V-S-N or if it’s pronounced “division” (it’s the latter). And honestly initially I didn’t know they were a group, I thought it was one person.

    Now as we wait for DVSN this dj is probably one of the best I’ve heard at a show. He played a variety of songs that the crowd vibed to (even I was like, “Yes to this good music giving me all the feels”). Old and new, upbeat and slow, it was all good. We had a good amount of room next to each of us and the girl next to me asked for my assistance in holding her friends spot so we won’t get so smothered and I gladly agreed. After about an hour of listening to the dj I felt myself becoming nauseous (probably from a lack of eating). Looking around, for it to be sold out I’m surprised there’s still space behind us at the top (but I am not complaining).

    You know how you hear someone talking loud and you can’t tell if they’re arguing or agreeing, yep there was a girl like that on our row (she was just loud though there wasn’t an issue-although she could be drunk, I don’t know). I began to speculate how long DVSN’s set was going to be and I’m guessed it’ll be at least an hour. Of course by now the floor is full and the overall vibe seems to be good. I only know about two songs but I’m here to have a good time nevertheless. Random thought: I usually don’t buy drinks when I go to shows because 1: They’re too expensive, I could practically get a whole bottle or a 6-pack for that amount ($9 and up) and 2: They are usually nasty and I would hate to feel as though I wasted my money on alcohol that I can’t stand to drink. Does that make me cheap or conscientious? (Doesn’t really matter I don’t see that changing anytime soon).

    As it’s almost been a half an hour since the dj left the stage I’m thinking, “Oh goodness can they come on out now, my foot is falling asleep and I’m already tired and still hungry.” I know they need time but it’s good to get to it while you have good momentum. The lights go low and the crowd goes wild…it is showtime. DVSN (well one half of DVSN) comes out while the other operates the sound board from the back (that’s what they do that’s how they roll). So in case you didn’t know DVSN are 2 group members Daniel Daley (lead singer) and Nineteen85 (producer). So they start going through songs and setting the mood for the show.

     Fortunately they performed the entire album (so I got to hear the 2 songs that I really like, “Think About Me” and “Don’t Choose” and a couple of old school covers. Towards the middle he (Daniel) brought out a young lady named Shantel May and she sang Beyonce’s 1+1 and he debut single (I don’t remember the name but it was good). When I tell you Daniel sang his heart out he hit those falsetto notes and all night he and the dj encouraged people to sing their hearts out and if you could’ve heard the audience hit some of those high notes (lol), if I wasn’t awake I definitely was after that because it was painful (lol) so much so that we had to laugh at ourselves with how we sounded as a whole.

    I would say that DVSN performed for a good hour and 20 minutes which is a more than fair amount of time. Although after about 45 minutes I was ready to go due to being so tired I appreciate the fact that they literally gave us their all. If you’re going to have an album tour, sing the entire album, let no song go unsung and they did that. Overall the vibe was good and this is one of the better shows that I’ve seen at the Fillmore so far. There was no encore at the end of the night for everything had been performed and we all left feeling as though we got our money’s worth.

The next show will be B.I.G. KRIT and Ty Dolla $ign.


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