Concerts and Such: The Internet

Well well well hello to all for it has been a while since my last show. There were no shows attended in the month of November and tonight just so happened to be The Internet. My review is short and sweet because…well…you’ll see just keep reading.

Welp…this is how I know I’ve just been working a lot. So tonight was The Internet & it was the 2nd show (initially the 1st) & it was sold out. I forgot to put this show in my calendar & it wasn’t until December hit that I remembered that I had 2 shows this month (I had none in November). The show was to begin at 8pm & I can’t tell you if it did or not because I was at work. I didn’t get off til 9:15pm but knew that the opening act was Moonchild (I’ve seen both the Internet & Moonchild before…I actually met Moonchild) so I was hoping I’d stil be able to make it in time…nope. I literally walked through the doors at 10:08pm & at 10:37pm the show was over. I got my funnel fries & heard about 4 songs & that was it. I don’t mind it too much since I’ve seen them both before but the time I spent & gas I used…ugh. I’m going to have to rethink the Jorja Smith show next week because it is the exact same situation (might be selling a ticket cause I can’t get off early). Not trying to have a repeat of tonight where I basically miss the show. These were the best pics I could get.

The recap on this  site will be the same on Instagram. Sadly, this is the full recap.



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