Concerts and Such: THEY

“Money, money, money is all that a nigga deserve (Y’all niggas ain’t got no motherfuckin’ bitches),” “Africa” is the song that opened the show. Yesterday I went to go see THEY who I found out about with my blogging thanks to their song “Say When”. This was a new venue that I was venturing to (the Songbyrd Cafe) so I wasn’t going to set myself up, I parked, took the metro and walked (I didn’t want the hassle of trying to find parking and having to pay for it-no thanks). It was a good little ways away from the closest metro (about a mile) but it didn’t take long to walk it. Once there, there seemed to be a small gathering of people hanging out outside but I realized that they were doing just that, hanging out. Once inside the venue looked small and cute (think Busboys and Poets and cut the space by 1/3 and that’s how it seemed). The restaurant/bar portion of it you walk right into and then on the right there’s a record/books area and downstairs is the stage. Needless to say I was very confused when I first got there as to where the show was actually going to be.

I saw people going downstairs with wristbands and figured that was the place so I darted across the room so that I wouldn’t be that far behind in the line as well as that far from the stage. Once down there I was relieved as there was only one row of people in front of the stage (most people were at the bar). They had a DJ from 93.9 WKYS FM on stage Dj-ing for a good 45 minutes to an hour. He got the crowd hype with his tunes and mixes but yet again the majority of the ratchetness (yes I said ratchetness) I had never heard of before (ironically the 1st song that he played that I had heard of was Future’s “Mask Off”).  I had overheard someone saying that their would be a few openers and I was just thinking, “I hope this DJ is one of them.” I don’t like to wait a long time for the main act; after awhile I get ancy.

So after the DJ, another DJ for The Fallout Boys came out and they performed a few songs. One of the guys from the two man group had a box or bag over his head with cutouts on the eyes and mouth (I didn’t get it, why wouldn’t he want people to see his face, then I thought maybe he’s in hiding and can’t be caught seen by certain people). So many ideas came to mind but they were definitely turnt up and after about 3 songs the next act Ishdarr came out with his DJ.  I thought he did really well and liked a couple of the songs he did. The cutest part was the white boy in the front who sang every lyric to one of the songs and he was so into it; Ishdarr gave him props for being such a fan. There was a bit of equipment ins and outs during his performance but he handled it well. By this time the place was packed so much so that I literally couldn’t move (that was annoying me) and was beginning to sweat. It didn’t help that the girl and her boyfriend next to me wanted to really dance on each other and I’m looking like, “Girl ain’t no space, really, we’re all already up on each other” (she was annoying).

It was time for THEY and they came out in black robes with hoods and as Africa played they stood facing each other eyes closed with their hands on the mics as if they were praying. They sang bits and pieces and didn’t move until the song was over. I want to say that they went in the same order as their album (I could be wrong) but I definitely feel as though they did every song. As THEY went through one song after the other I thought, “I need to go back and listen to these songs on Nü Religion: HYENA, they’re good”.Drew apparently produces a lot of their music and Dante hails from Gaithersburg, MD (like Logic) and together they are THEY. Drew looks like a young Big Sean while Dante looks like a young Mack Wilds. Dante had a little fun with a girl from the crowd as he bought her up and teased her a little bit with his sex appeal (I give him props though he was like, “I need a single girl to come up here cause if you got a man I might get you in trouble”).

You can tell that they love each other like brothers, and they call themselves the Wolf Pack. During their moments in which they revealed things to the crowd THEY offered encouragement to just be yourself and not feeling like you have to be like this or that person to make it; you can make it. They said something I agreed with which was that rappers sound the same nowadays and talk about the same things  (I was like “Yes, say that” because I have been tired of that for a while now). It’s refreshing to hear something different and that’s what THEY gave me, different. After everyone was inducted into the wolf pack they closed out the show by inviting a few of the guys in the crowd to turn up with them onstage to “U-RITE”. It was a great ending to the show but by now I was really sweaty so once I confirmed that that was indeed the last song I booked it out of there one because I was hot and couldn’t wait to feel the cold air of outside (all while hoping I didn’t get sick) and two I had to book it to the metro before they closed (luckily I made it in time for the last train). My only suggestion is I’m all for openers but please don’t have us waiting forever for the main act (I’m not one that likes to stand in the same spot for a long time-I can’t). Other than that great job guys!

The next upcoming show to attend so far is Marian Hill “Are you down d-d-down d-d-down d-d-down down down?”

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