Concerts and Such: Logic, Joey Bada$$ and Big Lenbo (Everybody’s Tour)

So this is my 2nd time coming to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino at the National Harbor  (the 1st time was for a birthday party). Tonight it’s Logic and Joey Bada$$ with Big Lenbo. I left work a little bit early just so I would have more than enough time to get here. Lucky for me I didn’t have to worry about parking as there is more than enough and it’s free (hopefully I’ll remember where I parked-sidenote I did). Any who, the show starts at 8pm and doors were at 7pm. I got there at about 6:15pm and just roamed around towards the theater.

Wallah, it wasn’t long before I found it and the line seemed fairly small so I was happy. Suddenly those of us that were there were redirected upstairs (keep in mind I have a General Admission ticket as I am sure most did). When upstairs you can see people holding signs for the different sections such as Balcony and General Admission. Now when looking for where to line up I found that they were housing  all the General Admission people in this huge ballroom (like it’s so big that it’s like 2 ballrooms combined)! When I got the chance to peek inside it was full of people. It honestly looked as though it would take an hour (possibly more) before we even go back downstairs. If you were to see it you would probably agree that it looked ridiculous and it honestly made me not want to come to another show here (definitely not a good 1st impression). All I could hope at this point is that once inside I’ll be able to get good pictures, that’s really all I care about and having a good time.

At one point once the line started to move it felt just like how it feels when you sit in traffic; let’s move it people! On the way downstairs I pass by this guy that works there, he’s directing the line and seems to be in charge and I realized I had worked with him before and went on a date with him (he was a little big-headed figuratively) and it took me a minute to remember his name but I remembered after some thought and I was deflecting like crazy trying not to get noticed (I didn’t, whew). I have to admit though now that I am inside it is huge (and I mean huge)! I took a different approach and angle this time when it comes to where I’ll stand. Because there is this massive floor space and 2 huge screens with video of the show I’m going to opt to stand in the back and get shots on the screen (this worked out well). I doubt that the entire floor will fill up and I can easily manoeuvre.

What do you know they started on time and Big Lenbo and his hype man was 1st (I think he said he name was Alex or Dan) but let me tell you he was hype and lit. He had some good songs and now I’m going to have to go and check it out. While here during an intermission I see via the big screen that Mary J Blige is coming here…how did I not know this? I said I wanted to see her perform after her latest album for I feel as though she would put on a hell of a show. But I looked up the tickets and they start at $133 which no, no, no I probably blocked her out of my mind for that (lol). Then this bass sweeps the room and had me like, woah (I felt it deep in my soul as it literally traveled the floor to my body from feet to chest). A dj comes out to get the crowd hype and then Joey comes out.

Of course I wanted to hear my 2 favorite songs by him Amerikkkan Idol and Legendary (it was great). He also sang some other songs that I really liked off of the album (going to have to listen to that again too). He said, “The more energy you all give me the more energy you will receive” and we had a lot of it so we danced and sang until it was time for intermission number 2. amonia (as if someone dyed their hair) and weed (there just seems to be no escaping it whether the venue is smoking or non-smoking)>. Now during this 2nd intermission I’m thinking about food. I ate the other half of my steak and cheese right when I got here but I should’ve smuggled some candy in my big purse.

<Random moment a child about 6-7 years old walks by me and I’m thinking maybe he’s a midget because why would someone bring a child to this show but no it was a child and the adults were with him. > The lights go dark and Hallelujah starts to play which is my favorite on the album Everybody because the beat is sooo sick (I was probably the most turnt during the entire night when singing and dancing to this song especially when the beat got crazy)! I wasn’t by myself either for the entire crowd got lit and what a welcome it was. One of the things that I liked was throughout the night he mixed it up with songs from different albums and some of which I remember were Fade Away, Take it Back, 1-800-273-8255, AfricaAryaN, Flexicution, Super Mario World, Like Woah, and Young Jesus. What made it better was that he seemed to have a music video for each song which was entertaining to see on the screens behind him as he performed.

If you’ve been to his shows before you know he lives by the motto of Peace, Love and Positivity which I definitely stand by. I did however deny this random man a hug because sir I don’t know you (and his girlfriend (I’m assuming) was right there, uh…no). He’s from Gaithersburg, MD (Logic) and Big Lenbo is from PG County so they did some reflecting and shared stories with us. It was a show well done and 2 lucky fans got the chance to join him onstage and sing/battle rap his song. The girl walked away with a hat and they both got signed shirts. Of course there was a moment where the show was supposedly over but we all should know by now that if those lights aren’t on then it ain’t over yet.

He came back out and did about 5 songs and shouted out his family in the crowd and everyone for coming out and supporting. He reminded everyone there that you are somebody and that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Best believe as soon as those lights came on though I was out of there (luckily I was standing near the back) and by now I was hungry. I thought I would maybe get a milkshake from Shake Shack but denied because they were closed. The only place that seemed to be open was the pizza place so I had a decision to make wait in line for pizza or leave and wait in line for McDonalds…I opted for the pizza. Luckily I remembered where I parked so I had no problem finding my car like a lot of people I saw. Next time though I will park near the exit and not the entrance as it still took a good bit of time to get out (it was ok though I just ate my pizza on the way out). Until next time MGM, I take back what I said earlier (they do need to do something about that line though).

The next upcoming show is Bryson Tiller with H.E.R. (love her) and Metro Boomin.

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