Concerts And Such: Set It Off Tour Featuring Bryson Tiller, H.E.R. & Metro Boomin

So on September 2nd, 2017 my friend Zkia and I finally got a chance to see the show we purchased tickets for months ago (it was much anticipated). I’m not exactly sure how I came to find out about this tour but I believe that since I follow H.E.R. on Instagram that I saw her post on there and literally freaked out. I’d been waiting on her to go on tour and she was going to be featured on Bryson’s tour so if the cost was reasonable I was in there and it was. Now recently me and Zkia went to a 90’s show and I was telling her of all the people I had seen in concert and if any were of interest to her. She just told me to let her know about some upcoming shows and if she was interested she’d let me know. Luckily when I told her about this tour she was all in saying, “Bryson, I love him; I’m down, let’s go.” We got our tickets for the lawn seats at Wolf Trap in VA so then we waited.

It’s always tricky when the venue is an outdoor venue because you can never quite predict the weather. I was just hoping it wouldn’t rain as the lawn seats were my idea and as luck would have it it did rain but thankfully earlier in the day so it was clear during the show but a bit cold. Since we were able to bring food for the lawn we decided to meet up and get some thai food to go. Zkia knew this good place called Bangkok Bistro so we met there, ordered our food and headed on out. Neither one of us had ever been to Wolf Trap before so we didn’t really know what to expect. Parking was a bit crazy as they blocked off a lane and all cars had to merge to get into the parking lot. The show was slated to begin at 7:30pm and let me tell you Wolf Trap is all about starting on time because as we were walking up from the parking lot at 7:45pm I could hear H.E.R. onstage singing so I was power walking up that hill leaving my poor friend behind (I eventually looked back and didn’t see her and waited until I did).

We walked up to H.E.R. singing Focus and she also sang You and Jungle, then she went off stage; her set was done. I was like are you kidding? This was the main reason I came was to see H.E.R. literally! I honestly would’ve thought that 1: They wouldn’t have started on time (because let’s be honest most shows don’t), 2: That Metro Boomin would’ve went first and 3: That H.E.R.’s set would’ve been much longer than that. I felt like it was a rip off but I had to remind myself that it was not her tour it was Bryson’s tour. I’m not going to lie I was salty a little bit but we just got there and I was going to enjoy my time there (during H.E.R.’s set Zkia ate her food while I sung along; I ate mine during Metro Boomin’s set). There was a good bit of people there but I honestly wondered why didn’t they have it at the Howard Theatre? Zkia and I ran through possible other venues that the show could’ve been at (not saying that Wolf Trap wasn’t nice though because it was, just saying). But honestly they really could’ve had it at the Howard Theatre even if he had to do 2 nights.

There were all types of people there ranging in ages, styles, ethnicities and etc (it seemed to mostly be kids just having fun). Metro Boomin comes on and it takes Zkia and I a minute to figure out if it’s him or not (because I honestly didn’t know what he looked like). After playing song after song after song we figured it had to be him because there’s no way a DJ would be up there that long. I knew that Metro Boomin produced songs I knew but off the top of my head I couldn’t list one. After he played some of the songs he produced I was in awe of how many of them I knew but never realized he was behind it. The crowd danced and sang along and he had a good lengthy set. After Metro Boomin we got hyped up and ready for Bryson and I must admit I’m not a Bryson fan as much as my friend is (and to be quite honest even though I know what he looks like I feel as though I’ve seen guys that look like him so I’m not so sure I would actually recognize him if he were to walk in front of me and I can honestly say that for Metro Boomin and H.E.R. too (I still don’t know exactly what she looks like)) but I was hoping that he just sang the song High Stakes from the latest album (that is my song), and lucky for me he did.

Now Bryson had a nice set length (over and hour) and at one point brought H.E.R. back out to perform Focus. He went through hit after hit from previous albums and performed a couple of songs from the latest album. And surprise surprise he even did his verse on Wild Thoughts. Now what I liked was how he had the stage setup. I liked how with one of the songs he had the lyrics flashing on the screen at the bottom behind him and at one point it looked as though there were two statues beside him but it was all the effects; it was simple yet creative. Zkia screamed and shouted, “Bryson, I love you Bryson,” lol and we had to laugh at the young kids in front of us trying to grind and dance. All in all we had a good night and as the night was rounding out we saw people beginning to leave. Zkia goes, “Do you think it’s over?” Now y’all know I know that I’ve been to enough shows to where if they don’t turn the lights on and start clearing off the stage that the show ain’t over. The “last song” is never really the last song so I told her no. Surprise surprise I was right so Bryson performed about two more songs and then it was over and you know what we did…made a beeline toward the parking lot.

Now if we thought getting in was hectic as far as parking goes, getting out was even worse as there were just cars everywhere stuck trying to get out. It was crazy and took about an hour just to get out of the parking lot and traffic. I was strategic with how and where I parked which I think made it a little bit easier to maneuver out. Still, it was too crazy and though we both said that we would go to a show there again I’m thinking maybe I’ll take that metro and shuttle bus over instead…we’ll see. All in all I enjoyed myself and I’m glad Zkia did too. It’s not often that I’ll find a friend that will tag along with me to a show (because most of the time they don’t know the artist I’m going to see) but her company was good, appreciated and welcomed. Not sure what our next show will be but I have lined up VERITE, Tigertown, The Underachievers, Thundercat and 6lack (in that order for now). Hopefully on our next visit to Wolf Trap the weather will be just right and in our favor.

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