Concerts and Such: Stream Yourself Out: The Tour featuring St. Lucia, Eugene Mirman, PnB Rock, Sara Schaefer, Grace Mitchell and Langston Kerman

So yesterday at work I happened to go through some of my emails and I came across something from U St. Music Hall asking me if I wanted a free ticket to see St. Lucia tomorrow (Nov. 12th) at the Lincoln Theatre? Of course I wanted that free ticket (and I was available to go), count me in! Sponsored by Spotify and Hulu they called it, “Stream Yourself Out: The Tour”. Apparently they are hitting a few different cities and putting on a show with a few other artists such as PnB Rock, Grace Mitchell and a few comedians (Eugene Mirman, Sara Schaefer and Langston Kerman).

    The doors were set to open at 7pm and lucky for me I arrived at 6:30pm and was easily able to find parking just a block away (thank God it’s a Sunday). At first I saw that there wasn’t quite a line just to find out that the rest of it continued down the alley by Ben’s Chili Bowl. Now I hadn’t been to the Lincoln Theatre in at least five years (and I forgot who or what I saw) so the layout was a blur to me but I heard there were seats (jumps for joy on the inside).

     As most know over here on the north east coast we’re starting to feel some cooler temperatures and with standing outside I became cold quick as I counted down to 7pm. They opened close to 7:10pm and after a quick bathroom break I situated myself in a seat on the far right in 5th row from the front on an aisle closer to the center. Oh, I knew I would enjoy this show for I’m off my feet and still have an amazing view.

   First up was a comedian who was on the show Insecure by the name of Langston Kerman and he was quite funny. He told jokes of his first time going to a strip club, him being a high school English teacher, his experience in Canada and his sex scene on Insecure to name a few. The crowd seemed to take well to him. Next up was Grace Mitchell whose name sounds familiar to me but no songs come to mind that I pinpoint to her. she sang a good 5-7 songs and got the crowd interacting by bringing us to our feet and kicking a huge balloon into to crowd. Sidenote: These are the types of things you throw in a crowd, not water, not an empty water bottle but a big balloon. She and the band did good and she seems to be the rocker type.

    Then we had Sara Schaefer who’s been on Jimmy Fallon and she spoke of her night terrors, how she’s ready for the world to end, those inspirational words that a around everyone’s house in cute font like (believe, love, faith and etc.) and how her scream sounds like a pig/demon. She was funny and I was starting to understand the flow that they had going on here. There would be a comedic act followed by a performing artists and it was working as we rotated between standing and enjoying the artists and sitting while enjoying the comedian. I liked it, I liked it a lot.

    Next up was PnB Rock whose name also seemed familiar and I knew that I blogged that name for a song but had to search and see what it was (it was the song Outta My Mind by NORE, PnBRock and Amber Rose). When PnB Rock came out I couldn’t help but think, “He’s so skinny look at his little legs” (like I’m one to talk but he actually looked smaller than me). He performed at good 6-7 songs as well and re-iterated the fact that he has an album coming out in five days so I’ll definitely take a listen on Spotify (likely will come out on Friday as most new music is put out on Tuesdays and Fridays). He rocked the stage with his hype guy and the crowd loved it.

    At one point I look back just to see how full it is and there is only half of the floor/seats full. Maybe I expected more but then again this was a pop-up show so that could be why. Out next came Eugene Mirman and as he was speaking I felt like I knew his voice and that’s when I realized that he is the voice of Gene Belcher from the show Bob’s Burgers (my cousin Dierra would love this). Let me tell you he was pretty funny, I remember when we were waiting outside and someone came around and asked us if we wanted him to answer a question and to write it down on a note card which a good amount of people did. I assumed he would only answer a few but he answered them all in the best comedic way. He gave answers to questions about roommates, friends, success, career choices and a mid-life crisis.

    And now the moment most of us had been waiting for it was time for St. Lucia. Now I’m not going to lie by this time I was tired for I’d been up since 4am and out since 8:30am hopping from place to place and doing different things and by now it was a little after 10pm and I was starting to feel the effects of sleepiness. But I gathered myself up on my feet and enjoyed St. Lucia and his band as he put on a show. The funny thing is I remember there were two other times that I had the opportunity to see St. Lucia (one time I didn’t have the money and the other time I wasn’t available) so I was happy that now I got a chance to see him and he sang my song, “Love Somebody.” He went through a good 10 songs or at least the whole album I feel as though and even made his way through the crowd performing (I will definitely give that album another listen). He also sang A Capella with a Georgetown A Capella group and it was nice.

     Thank you again Spotify and Hulu for sponsoring this show and thinking of little ol’ me and sending me a ticket. I enjoyed it and actually wouldn’t have mind paying for it because it would’ve been worth it (but I’ll take it for free too). I’m definitely interested to see who’s going to be on the lineup next time. Sidenote: I already told Spotify some time ago that they need to have a festival and let me assist with the lineup. They told me they’ll pass it along and remember me when it’s time to put it in action so Spotify just so you know I’m still willing and waiting…

See a snippet of St. Lucia perform in the crowd to, “Love Somebody”

St. Lucia
Eugene Mirman
PnB Rock
Sara Schaefer
Grace Mitchell
Langston Kerman

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