Concerts and Such: H.E.R.

Now this is the show I have been waiting for and is likely my most anticipated show of the year simply because I love H.E.R.! She is truly my 2nd favorite female artist (Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry is my 1st) and considering that H.E.R. is fairly new to the industry this speaks volumes in the highest of praises. For me as a fan and especially as a songwriter it is all about the music. I love H.E.R.’s overall style, sound, lyrics, melodies and vibes that just press on my emotions to where I feel as though she’s talking to me. I have a strong connection with artists in whom I feel like I write like and those in which I wish I could write like. Blogging helped me to discover her as few that I know actually know who she is or what she sings. It doesn’t matter though because if you don’t know H.E.R. you’ll be intrigued by the end of this article and I suggest you go take a listen, she’s worth it.

Now I found out about H.E.R. during my blogging in which I do on Spotify twice a week. I came across her album H.E.R. Vol 1 and listened to snippets of each song. I came across a song titled, “Wait For It” and as soon as I heard it I instantly knew the beat…it was from the song “Say Yes” by Floetry (which my fav Marsha was a part of). I loved it instantly my only issue was it wasn’t longer (so I in turn would play it twice back to back to accommodate for a full length song). Sidenote: Have you ever noticed that some of the songs you really like are too short…ugh why? I can’t tell you how many times I played just that one song but that got me hooked on H.E.R. and I wanted to know and hear more.  I gave the rest of her album a listen and loved the songs “Facts,” “Pigment” (which was also short but she extended it) and “Jungle” (a remix to Drake’s version). That’s it when is this girl coming to town because I have to see her; put me on her email subscription list.

Now there’s a very interesting thing about H.E.R. and it’s the fact that no one really knows who she is. In fact, H.E.R. actually stands for Having Everything Revealed. She has built her career on making her identity anonymous so that we the people can focus solely on the music. I have to admit it was different and I didn’t think that she would be able to pull it off as long as she did and for that kudos to her (she now has a copycat named HIM but we’ll get to him later). All you would see would be her silhouette and that continued through both albums. It wasn’t until she was about to begin a tour with Bryson Tiller that you were able to see a little bit more of her. Now I’ve seen H.E.R. except her eyes. She now wears shades in continuance of her anonymity. And though many people speculate that she may be a girl named Gabi Wilson, I personally don’t think it is (I actually feel as though they don’t look alike) but who knows for we won’t anytime soon.

So after discovering H.E.R. and listening to her for months and months anticipating to at some point go to a show of her’s I hear that she’s touring with Bryson Tiller. Now I bought my ticket just because H.E.R. would be there (sorry Bryson). Luckily a friend of mine loves Bryson Tiller and she agreed to go with me (please see previous blog post about this event). Long story short we arrived a little bit late to that show and I pretty much missed H.E.R.’s set with the exception of 2 maybe 3 songs. How disappointed I was considering she was my main reason for going. Deep down though it was alright for I knew it would only be a matter of time before she went on her own tour because her set seemed too short anyway. I waited and continued to look and one day on Instagram bam there they were tour dates lined up in which she was headlining.

Now I’ve learned when it comes to getting tickets (especially recently) pre-sales are the way to go. If you’re not a part of the pre-sale you may unfortunately be out of luck and because I streamed her album so much on Spotify I found a pre-sale date and code; I was ready to get mine before the public onsale. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I got my ticket (I contemplated on getting 2 and brining a friend but just opted for one). I had a friend that was deciding whether or not she wanted to go but I would not be waiting for I was going regardless. The next day when the onsale happened I believe that they were either available only for a couple of seconds and then they were all gone. I just couldn’t take that risk.

Many flocked to Twitter and Instagram and pleaded that more tickets/dates be added. It’s interesting as the ticket price was really affordable (I actually feel as though she could’ve charged more and still would have sold out but sometimes you just don’t know the vibes of the people). I was so happy to hear that ticket sales for her were going well and felt bad for those who weren’t able to get them (but I am sure with this success she will go on another tour). Now the countdown begins as I awaited November 5th in which she would make the first stop of her Lights On Tour.

Now about a week before her tour (thank God I follow her on Instagram and Twitter) I saw where she had an upgraded VIP package which included a meet and greet, photo and some pretty other interesting tour collectibles for such a reasonable price that I didn’t even have to think if I would get it, it was mine (and there were only a limited quantity available). Now I was even more excited because I will actually get to meet her and get a photo along with some cool tour gear…I was really ready now. And tonight was the night, I arrived at U St. Music Hall at around 6pm thinking that doors opened at 6pm and the show started at 7pm. Well, surprise surprise for the doors opened at 7pm so I stood outside in line for an hour realizing no wonder the waiting line was so short, we were there early.

At about 7:15 we start shuffling in and since I had a hard ticket I was able to bypass the line, find out about how VIP works and use the bathroom. Now it was time to place myself in position on the floor in which I could get the best view possible up close. I picked a fairly decent spot in the left corner of the stage about 5 rows back. Now the DJ started off ok and played both songs I knew and didn’t but at some point switched it up too much before it got to the good part of the song leaving the audience anxious and frustrated. The first opening act was a girl named Mylezia and she sang 3 songs (I only really liked the first but did like the beat to the second one).

After Mylezia was a girl named Tiara Thomas who is featured on Wale’s song, “Bad”. Her voice was nice as her look reminded me more of a girly Syd from the Internet. She sang about 4 or 5 songs all of which I pretty much liked so I will definitely be looking out for her project. Now H.E.R. didn’t quite come out at the time scheduled (9:15pm) but maybe around 9:23pm but it didn’t matter we were just so excited to see her. I took as many good pictures as I could as the light sometimes wouldn’t quite cooperate. I sang and sang, danced and danced and recorded and shot pictures. She was very gracious and humble with all the love she was receiving for she said she didn’t expect it.

She is amazing live and sang songs like Wait For It, Facts, Avenue, Pigment, Lights On, Focus, Jungle, 2 and Best Part (Daniel Caesar’s song in which she’s featured) just to name a few (but not my latest favorite by her I Won’t). She also sang us a new song which I liked. At one point she bought Tiara back out on stage and they performed Lil Uzi Vert’s XO Tour Life (I liked their version better). She also brought out a special guest from the hometown which was Goldlink. I got my entire life at the show and when it was over I headed over to the meet and greet area. A good amount of people opted for the meet and greet and it went by smoothly and quickly. I got my picture with H.E.R. in which I told her I bought my shades with me so I could mimic her pose, along with an autographed tour poster. I will also be receiving a t-shirt and tour laminate and possibly another gift for inconvenience since the last 2 mentioned hadn’t yet arrived at the venue (so said the venue manager). So Tunestub or Crowd Torch I am waiting and if you want you can just give me an I-O-U for another meet and greet during the next tour for the inconvenience but I still want my shirt though.

When I arrived home I received a call from a co-worker asking if I was just at U St. Music Hall in which I replied, “Yes” and he said he and another co-worker were also there and he thought it was me he saw. They were able to go backstage in which my face was shocked like, “Aw man” and they were also able to get photos with H.E.R. I assured him the next time she comes to town we all need to go together. This is my favorite show so far this year and I would absolutely go see her again for she’s a fav of mine.


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