Concerts and Such: Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour starring Chris Brown featuring Rich The Kid, 6lack and H.E.R.

    So it seems as though I’ve had these tickets for a long time and though I can’t remember exactly as to when I bought them, tonight was the night. Tonight was the Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour starring Chris Brown featuring Rich The Kid, 6lack and H.E.R. This time I had company, my Zkia and her daughter attended the show with me which was located in Bristow, VA at Jiffy Lube Live (an outside amphitheater). This would be my second time at the venue for my first was just a couple of weeks ago in which I worked the Imagine Dragons show with Mix 107.3 DC. This time though, I was actually attending a show and had a general idea of the layout. The show is supposed to begin at 7pm and my day is busy but I figured I could get to Zkia’s house by 3pm…yep that didn’t happen. I didn’t arrive at her house until after 4pm and I knew that traffic was going to be crazy due to rush hour. I’ll put it like this, when I went last time we left at 2pm and got there at about 3:30pm so it took us an hour and a half to get there (and that was really before rush hour) but luckily when we left it only took me 40 minutes to get back (but we did leave while the headliner was still on). This was going to have to be the plan this time as well.

    It just made sense that we all carpool there together and luckily there’s no cost for parking but parking…oh parking was going to be a challenge especially since we were leaving later than expected. It was suggested to park closer to the exit of the lot and just walk further to the venue than parking closer to the venue but further from the exit because getting out would be time consuming. Well…we left after 4pm sometime and got there a little after 8pm so with the routes, traffic and us stopping a few times we got there in about 4 hours (it did feel as though it took us awhile but I didn’t mind because I was the passenger so I was enjoying the ride (sorry Zkia). Once we arrived there were quite a few people who were also arriving and we parked and began our trek. On our way to the venue I realized we were in a completely different parking lot than what I remembered from my last time being there and we were. On our walk we passed the parking lot I was familiar with which only meant one thing…we would definitely need to cut our stay short just to include the walk back to the car.

    Finally we were in and we hear that Rich the Kid just went off stage so I’m thinking that they pretty much just got started. On our trek up the steps I hear H.E.R. and I instantly get déjà vu of that happening at Wolf Trap and I book it up those steps. For this show we actually had seats in the 200’s so that was a bit of relief not having to fight to find a spot (and I have to say it felt good to sit down-even though I stood for Chris’ entire performance). I sang my heart out to H.E.R. as usual but I still felt as though her set time was short (I just have to go to another one of her solo shows again because I wanted to hear it all or at least more). Of course she did some favorites like Focus, U, Avenue, Lights On and more. Hearing her though made me question if we had missed 6lack because from previous tour stops I knew H.E.R. performed before Chris. Aw man I thought, but at least I’ve seen 6lack before so it wasn’t like I had to see him (but it would’ve been really nice-sorry I didn’t care about missing Rich The Kid that much).

    I quickly found out that taking photos wouldn’t be that effective on the stage because it was still so far away so thanks to the big screens that were posted on each side of the venue I was able to get some clear and up close photos (which make it a lot easier for blogging). Fun fact did you know that H.E.R. is just 21 years old? Oh my gosh she’s so young and I was so surprised by that. After H.E.R. there was a brief intermission (maybe 15-20 minutes) and then the venue went dark and screams could be heard all over…yep it was that time. The music starts and the stage lights up and boom there’s Chris. What caught my attention were the dancers and how starting off it reminded me a lot of watching a Michael Jackson video. Then Chris started dancing and that’s one thing that anyone has to at least give him credit for and that’s the fact that he can dance. As he switched throughout songs of the night the graphics on the stage changed and every time I was mesmerized by it (see below). I love color so it was filled with color and it was so vivid and it looked like a very simplistic setup. There was a song that came on that I wasn’t expecting to hear and that’s High End and I love that song (it’s a great workout song)! I couldn’t control myself and threw up my hands and started dancing and singing while Zkia looked over at me and said, “I thought you don’t like Future” and I told her, “I don’t, but this is my song!” She got to hear her song Yo and we also heard Grass Ain’t Greener, Freaky Friday, Wall To Wall, Party, To My Bed, Lost & Found and Heartbreak On A Full Moon of course.

    It was about 10:30pm and Chris came on a little before 10pm so we began thinking now is probably the best time to start to head out because we still had to walk to the car. We excused ourselves and began to head out and we weren’t the only ones for we saw numerous people ahead of us, behind us and coming down the steps as if they had the same idea. As we began walking back I was glad Zkia remembered the way we walked there because I wasn’t paying attention like that to where I remembered. It didn’t take us long to find the car and I felt bad because some people already were having trouble finding theirs and I knew that that was just going to be the beginning of the rest of the night for many people upon leaving the venue. It’s safe to say that it was a smooth ride out of the venue and back on the highway and that we left at a good time (I know this because people on Twitter complained of being stuck in the parking lot for over an hour trying to get out when the show was over). Chris it was a great show, we wish we could’ve stayed til the end but it was fun. Next time come closer in to DC though or metro get to it with making a train go all the way out there.

The next show is Janet Jackson in Pennsylvania next week.


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