Concerts and Such: Nipsey Hussle

    I had been waiting for this night for a long time. The album Victory Lap is one of my favorite since J Cole’s and Kendrick Lamar’s album before last. This I felt was a true hip hop album and I liked nearly all of the songs. Anytime I can put a cd on and just let it play straight through…that’s a good album. Tonight was Nipsey Hussle and I unfortunately didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him at Broccoli Fest in April but I already bought my ticket for this show so it was ok. Doors were set to open at 7pm with the show beginning at 8:30pm which I thought was a little odd because usually at the Fillmore Silver Spring doors will open an hour before the show starts. I knew I wanted to get there early but not too early where I’m waiting forever for doors.

    Earlier on Twitter I came across a post showing that there was a meet and greet in Oxon Hill, MD at a DTLR from 5pm-6pm. Of course by the time I saw this post it was 5:15pm and I was 50 minutes away from the location. Welp, there goes that (talk about upset). I arrived at the venue around 6pm and circled it to see if there was a line beginning to form…nothing so I parked and hung out at the mall across the street to kill time. At about 6:50pm I made my way across the street and there was a small line beginning to form and wrap around the building. I clearly looked somewhat out of place today as if I just stepped off a plane from Hawaii with a purple and white floral shirt, ripped jeans and Nike sandals (I had contemplated on bringing my tennis shoes but opted not to).

    As the line now began to get longer a girl gets behind me in a cute fringe rainbow, knitted shawl/throw on saying how she doesn’t want to wait in line. She then asks me if I was there by myself and I said yes. We began making small talk a she said she was currently there by herself as well and that some friends would be joining her later but she didn’t want to wait on them. She then offered me a “fast pass” which is a ticket to skip the line and I gladly agreed. Next thing you know it we were at the front of the line getting searched by security, our tickets scanned and our wristbands put on. I saw an old coworker I used to work with there at the Fillmore in the box office and went to ask her exactly what time Nipsey would be going on (I wanted to know if there were any opening acts) and she said about 9pm.

    I joined my new friend whose name by the way was Alexis and we made our way to the floor right in the front. Now I must admit I had no intention on actually standing on the floor rather I was going to go upstairs and make sure I was front and center on the side but doing that now just didn’t seem right especially if I could get right on the front. Now we played the waiting game and talked and got to know each other a bit during the 2 hours of waiting. After about 30 minutes I went and got what I look forward to getting almost everytime I go to the Fillmore…some funnel fries. I offered to buy my new friend something since after all she did give me a fast pass but she said she was ok. Although the floor wasn’t packed yet or the venue for that matter those that were there were literally right behind us as I had to slide through and say excuse me just to get back to my spot. I downed those funnel fries in about 5 minutes.

    Time was going by super slow and Alexis was getting more and more anxious in wanting to sit down. We were definitely ready for the show to start and it did surprisingly on time with a DJ named DJ VIP who when he put that bass on shook the entire room. He played a lot of songs I’ve never heard before but the crowd seemed to know most of them so I’m assuming they’re radio hits. After about 30 mins however I was ready for the DJ to introduce Nipsey but he kept on going. After an hour he announces an opener Bino who comes out and performs 2 songs. Although I was beginning to lose my patience now his songs were actually really good as I found myself bobbing my head to them. Once he was done I thought surely Nipsey is about to come out…nope. We waited another half an hour before he came out. DJ VIP kept saying it’s about that time so much that the last time he said I screamed, “Liar” (I don’t think he heard me over the bass though)!

    Some of Nipsey’s people came out one with a big face sign on a stick and the other with a long victory lap flag that was as big as an actual flag! I guess they were looking for people to hold it for a good photo op at some point during the show. I however, was of no interest to hold anything unless it was a free t-shirt or hat. Nipsey comes out and the show begins. Immediately after he comes out I feel a rush behind me as some groupies raced towards the stage. They…got…on…my…nerves…the…entire…night! I suddenly became very squished and uncomfortable and was regretting being on the floor. They screamed and screamed and pushed and pushed so much so that one of them spilt something on the back of my shirt and another accidently hit me on the head. My experience was going downhill.

    I looked over at Alexis who still seemed to have space and the girl next to me who still had space thanks to her boyfriend who had her pinned between his arms only problem is it was taking up some of my space! I appeared to be the only one that was uncomfortable but that wouldn’t last long. Someone behind us kept dangling a flag over the face of the girl next to me and I don’t know if she cussed them out or her boyfriend for not getting it before it got to her. Either way she went off but quickly got back in formation for the show. Nipsey sang songs like Victory Lap, Dedication, Last Time That I Checc’d, Blue Laces 2, Key 2 The City 2 and a couple of others. Then it happened again and that scarf went flying over the barricade with a big angry black girl turning around cussing somebody out and giving them their very last warning. Fillmore staff came over to see what was going on and almost nearly took the scarf. They were now actively watching whomever was doing this. I don’t blame her, I would’ve thrown the scarf as well.

    By now I’m about done, my feet, back and hips were hurting and I wasn’t really enjoying myself as much as I thought I would. Random thought: It doesn’t matter what shoes you wear your feet will start to hurt if you are standing still for hours upon hours with very limited space and movement. I got hype when he did some of my favorite songs but it seemed as though before you knew it he was done. I told Alexis maybe he’ll come back out for an encore but she doubted it and she was right because house music began to play and the lights came on. Afterall, he did have a paid in advance meet and greet after the show so his time was probably up. Alexis had a meet and greet pass so she stayed but I gave her my Instagram and told her to follow me since she attends shows mostly by herself as well (I told her how I’m a music blogger and she’s looking to do something similar). Hopefully we can stay in touch and see each other at other events. I waited for the floor to clear out a little and then booked it outta there because I was so ready to sit down!

    A few things that I noticed just by observation, the Fillmore is a no smoking facility but people tend to smoke in there anyway regardless but I was disappointed to see the crew of Nipsey smoking in there practically right in front of the staff. To me that’s a no no I mean come on have some respect. Then I remembered during the BIG K.R.I.T. show Ty Dolla $ign lit one up while on stage and although smoking weed is legal in DC (not usually inside of places though) the Fillmore is located in MD so the same rule doesn’t apply (or who knows maybe it does). In that instance the artist himself disrespected the space so how can you expect anyone else to. Also that same guy that’s a part of Nipsey’s crew I look over and he has a whole platter of food and is eating out of the container right in front to the side of the stage. C’mon dude at least go backstage and eat your meal because that was not something on the Fillmore’s menu. It just looked really tacky and I think that the crew that rolls with the artist should be respectful and have some tact as well as the artists themselves (yeah I said it). The next time I go to a hip hop show I will not be directly in the front unless there are seats because I cannot go through that again. (A little disappointed that my pictures didn’t turn out better, especially since I was so close, smh).


The next upcoming show is Chris Brown featuring Rich the Kid, H.E.R. and 6lack in July.



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