Concerts and Such: OTRII feat Jay Z and Beyoncé

So…I remember when I got these tickets, I was in Austin, TX for SXSW and I knew for the price I wanted to pay I had to be online before 10am to get them. At about 9:57am that morning (EST) I began trying and know that you take what you can get the 1st time so that’s what I did. I will admit though the only reason I was interested was because I saw Beyoncé either last year or the year before in Baltimore and my seat (although the cheapest) was amazing. Now I knew that for this show at FedEx Field that my seat wouldn’t be that great but I hoped it was at least decent. Beyoncé did so well the last time that I didn’t mind seeing her again (seeing Jay Z is a bonus). It was official though I was going (I went back later and saw better tickets in my price range and felt some type of way but by then it was done).

Now, a Jay Z and Beyoncé show is not just like attending an ordinary show. Oh there were a host of things that we as concert goers needed to know and prepare for for this show. For one thing you could purchase a parking pass in advance for $50. Absolutely not! I paid $50 + surcharges and convenience fees for my ticket so I knew that that parking was a no no. Secondly, no purses or bags; if you bring them they have to be plastic/see through and can’t be huge. The show was set to start at 7:30pm and parking opened up at 3:30pm with them letting people in beginning at 5:30pm. I had to work an hour and a half out today and didn’t get off until 7. I was hoping that I wouldn’t miss too much of the show. Luckily I saw on Instagram that a friend went to the show last night and she said they (Beyoncé and Jay Z) didn’t come out until 10pm so I figured I’d be alright seeing as though acvordong to my GPS I wouldn’t get home until 8:45pm. I figured I’d change clothes real quick and catch a Lyft (which I did).

My Lyft driver said he had just gotten finished dropping some people off and that traffic was bad. He went a back way which saved me some walking time to the venue. I arrived and was able to get in with ease and as I was walking up I heard Jay Z rapping, “On to the next one.” Could it be that they were on already? It was only 9:20pm I thought they wouldn’t come out until 10pm, ugh. I hurried inside but I had to make my way up to the 400 section. Let me tell you, walking up those ramps at FedEx Field are no joke and of course by the time I got up to the last ramp (which seemed like it took forever) I saw there were escalators on the side.

So I walk around to section 403 and my row is 21…y’all 21 is the very top row in the stadium and I had the aisle seat. Wtf?! This I did not know and once I sat down was highly disappointed. I suddenly got deja vu from my view at the Wild N Out show last year where I was on the side and couldn’t see or hear anything…ugh. I sat there for a moment and couldn’t believe I payed for this this so called view. They know that the section I was in and the adjacent section across from me should’ve been sectioned off because all you literally saw was side (very side) and the back of the stage. It didn’t matter now I was here and was going to make the most of it. I actually began planning my escape as to when it’d be best to leave and which route I’d take metro or Lyft.

My section was only half full. There were about 6 rows that were mostly empty below me with a few people scattered here and there. I sat in my seat and tried to enjoy the show as best as I could but when they were talking I honestly couldn’t hear anything all I could really decipher were the songs because I knew them. This was not what I’d hope it’d be. So after just enjoying the sounds of the songs and zooming in to actually being able to see dance moves I got into the groove a little bit. They oftentimes took turns singing their hits and performed a lot of songs together and the stage from what I could see along with the 2 catwalks were impressive. After awhile I figured I might as well begin to write my blog so I did. I figured if they started at 10pm last night and ended at 12am and started at maybe 9pm tonight that they would end at about 11pm. Before I knew that they began earlier I was planning to leave at 11 and should’ve planned to leave at 10:30pm but didn’t. By the time I looked up they were saying how nice it was being in DC and began singing Apeshit, ugh I had to hurry up and go!

You could see that other people had the same thought and now it would be a race to beat most of these people off of the premises. I decided that it would probably be cheaper to walk to the metro and go to a station near my house and take a Lyft from there. The walk to the station was a good one as I followed the trail of people. Got to the station and it would take the train 16 minutes, ugh. Reflecting over the night my ticket was probably only worth $25 in my opinion but I know Beyoncé puts on a show (even if i couldn’t really see it tonight). So of course the train gets packed from the crowd but luckily I only have one stop to go. I get off at Addison Road and due to Lyft surcharges opted to take the bus home. What a night!

My next upcoming show is Andrew Combs.



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