Femme It Forward: Happy Women’s History Month!

    My friend Angel told me about the Femme It Forward concert at some point last year & as a Christmas gift her husband surprised her with 2 tickets to the show which we attended last night at the MGM Theater (isn’t that nice). Now I’ve worked a number of events at this theater but it’s been a really long time (at least a few years-moreso around when the theater first opened) since I’ve actually attended a show at the theater (there weren’t even seats when I went and it was to see Logic & Joey Bada$$). Since the show was going start at 7:30pm, we decided to get there around 6:30pm with the possibility of getting something to eat beforehand (Angel treated me to dinner, how nice-we met up near the food court around 6:50pm).
      The artists performing tonight were Mýa, SWV & Faith Evans. We had really good tickets on the floor about 8 rows back from the stage right in the center. I didn’t look around so I can’t tell how full it was inside but there were a lot of people so I suspect that it was crowded. The mask mandate indoors has been lifted for PG County so there weren’t a lot of people with masks but there were still a good amount of people that wore masks. The show began right after 8pm & Mýa was up first.
     Mýa went through an array of her hits & since she’s from DC she had her hometown crowd hype. People were dancing & singing on their feet right along with her. At 42 you have to admit, Mýa looks good & she’s still in great shape. She brought out a special guest Sisqo to help sing, “Its All About Me” & the crowd went crazy. She also ended the performance by thanking everyone (her whole band she said is from the DMV by the way-DC, MD and VA) along to the gogo song, “Sexy Lady” (definitely brought back memories in high school).
      There were intermissions in between each act and it turns out the next act up was SWV.  I loved their sparkly outfits & they went through their array of hits & I have to say as an older group they’ve still got moves & definitely the voices. You couldn’t tell this excited R&B crowd anything as they danced & sang along. They left everyone all in their feels with the last song that they sang (“Weak”) which has to be every woman’s anthem. They said they had no idea everyone would love that song as much as they do and it’s a must sing at every performance.
     Last but not least Faith Evans closed the show out for us. Faith sang those songs & showed off her range. She vibed with the crowd and the theater was bumpin’ to some classic hits. It’s funny because Angel said it seemed like I knew more Faith songs but one things for sure is I was getting down to “You Gets No Love” because that is my jam! At the end Faith had a list of people she wanted to shout out to and call up on the stage and what do you know Candiace Dillard from Real Housewives of Potomac was there (and it’s funny because SWV acknowledged her too but they just said Candiace & I thought, ” Who is that?”. Now what I found surprising is that Faith asked Candiace if she wanted to sing & Candiace declined…girl! Whoever her PR person is needs to get on her; she shouldn’t be turning down an opportunity to perform unless she’s sick or it compromises her morals (I just can’t with her sometimes). All in all it was a great show & definitely worth it; 90’s R&B for the win again.

My Love Is Like…Wo
It’s All About Me
Right Here
All Night Long
Soon As I Get Home
You Gets No Love

One thought on “Femme It Forward: Happy Women’s History Month!

  1. A great review of the concert! Had an amazing time! We sang from beginning to end with each artist. Such an amazing lineup!


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