Concerts and Such: Tank and the Bangas

     Yesterday was a long day, not only did I work my fulltime job but I also worked a gig right afterward and then I had a Tank and The Bangas show at the 9:30 Club with a couple of friends. I wasn’t scheduled to be done from my gig until 6:30pm and that was when doors opened. I expected to meet my friends at the venue and it seemed as though I was the first to arrive because no one had mentioned the very long line that wrapped down and around the corner. I parked and messaged them but I would soon learn that I would be on my own tonight.
     As I walked toward the venue I thought about turning back around and going right back home because I didn’t have the patience to stand in line and I was tired but I persisted because I don’t like to waste money and I was there so why not. As I walked to the back of the line I thought, “I have never stood in a line for a show this long” (I could be wrong). To my surprise though the line went fairly quickly and IDs and vaccine cards were required for entry along with a ticket. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in the 9:30 Club thanks to the pandemic and I forgot just how many people it can hold. I found out that the show was sold out and with this being a general admission show I had some anxiety because masks weren’t required for attendees and it looked as though more people chose not to wear them. I already don’t like being sandwiched in between random people and with this pandemic still being “a thing” I was beginning to get annoyed.
     Everyone began filling in and I opted to stay on the floor so I could quickly exit when it was over. I started off in the middle but moved up to the front off to the side as I saw there was just enough room for me (remember that). I didn’t make it inside until after 7:30pm and was hoping that 1) There would be no opener and/or 2) If there was an opener that they were already on stage performing (because I was ready to go). I also realized or remembered that I don’t like standing for a long time anymore so I was very ancy mixed with tired, exhausted and hungry.
     The opener started right after 8pm and it was Cory Henry. The best way to describe his music is an eclectic jazz funk with a hint of EDM. It was cool I could dig it but after 5-6 songs I kept looking at my watch wondering, “How many more songs will he sing?” I’m just not used to a single opening act performing 10+ songs and it’s no fault to the music but I began to get really sleepy and irritated. I thought about bailing again just leaving and going home because I knew now the show was going to run late but I stayed and honestly I’m glad I did.
     Tank and the Bangas came out and they came with that energy that helped wake me up more. I admittedly don’t know a lot of music by them and my first time seeing them live was at SXSW in 2018. I like their style and sound and I know they’re based out of New Orleans but that was about all. I had heard some of the latest music that was released in which they also performed. They were getting down on that stage ok and I loved how every member of the bangas (band) had a spotlight in something to further showcase their talent. If I could describe their sound it would be jazz/funk hip hop sprinkled with a little something extra that I can’t quite categorize. They went through a multitude of songs some slow but most upbeat and returned back on stage at the end of the night for a last song encore. I was so afraid my phone would die before I could get a good photo to remember the night but it hung in there and I was able to capture another show attended. The show ended around 11pm and everyone fizzled out. This is really about to be the month of shows as I have 2 more within 2 weeks.

Cory Henry
Tank and the Bangas

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