Welcome to Coopher.me!

Coopher.me (pronounced Coop Her) has been a long time coming and I’m so excited that I am finally able to expand my Instagram blog at alesemalese which can be found using the hashtag 8mabc (#8mabc)! In short this site will elaborate a bit more as to the posts that I post on Instagram. A little about the name Coopher I’m on a couple of social media sites under my name Malecia Bynum and with my Instagram I had some fun with my middle name “Alese” hence alesemalese so for my actual webpage I didn’t want to exclude “Cooper” which is my hyphenated last name so I decided to do a play on words as I tried to finally come up with a name for the blog under #8mabc now titled “Coopher”. I liked the idea of Coopher and it has more than one meaning. Considered as a play on my last name and also I run a Music Editor blog with the hopes of one day being a Music Supervisor that places these songs in scenes that fit. Coopher.me signifies me as in coop her (me) as your go to Music Supervisor because I will have you covered. Again welcome and look around and leave feedback.

Many Thanks,

Malecia B. aka Coopher

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