Super Bowl 51: You Thought It Was Over

I’m not really the sports fanatic type and the sports I’ll really play are badminton and volleyball and it’s usually for fun as we never really keep score and I’m super competitive and don’t like to lose (all the more reason to keep score right), but the one thing I’ll do every year now is watch the Super Bowl. Now I don’t really know the game of football but I know the basics. Seeing as though I’m not really a fan I haven’t been to any games and have no allegiance to any particular team. I just see it as a good time to get together with family and friends while enjoying some good food and drinks.

So last night as you all know was Super Bowl 51 and facing off was the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. Now although I’m not a football fan there are 3 teams that I don’t care for. One is the Patriots because they’ve cheated in the past, second is the Cowboys because the majority of my family are Redskin fans and we all know that those two teams have a known rivalry (plus how can I go against the home team) and the Seattle Seahawks (because had it not been for them one year the Redskins would’ve made it in the Super Bowl). Now you would think I’d be a Washington Redskins fan then but no not the case. So last night I was rooting for Atlanta as I’m sure a lot of people were because the Patriots always win (they’re so used to it) and I like seeing the underdog get a shot at a victory.

Now for the last couple years my aunt and her boyfriend have had a Super Bowl party and it’s always so much fun. This year I attended again ready for the good food and drinks and to see all the great commercials. Well, there wasn’t as much food this year, the drinks were alright, and the commercials were disappointing (after a while I stopped paying attention). Atlanta had a good lead for the first half of the game which was a great feeling. Then halftime rolls around and Lady Gaga does a great job owning the stage and singing her hits. I don’t know what it is about the second half of the game though but it seems as though whichever team is in the lead in the first half get too comfortable and lack the second half which usually cost them the game as what happened last night.

Let me tell you there was a house full of about 20+ people and everyone was rooting for the Atlanta Falcons (I think that says something). I kept hearing a few people say at the beginning of the third quarter, “We got this, we won, there’s no way they’re (Patriots) are coming back from this.” Even victory memes began circulating early but I though everyone knew that even with a score of 6 to 28 with half of the game left anything can happen (in 10 minutes anything can happen), so I knew not to get too comfortable…and look what happened. There were a few hiccups that Atlanta had that ultimately gave the Patriots their victory. And even though I really don’t like the team and laughed at all the funny memes of them getting their butt kicked guess what, they came back and won.

I don’t think that they deserved to win but I can say that they earned it. I had a strong feeling that overtime would happen and it did which made it the first overtime in a Super Bowl history (that I didn’t know). In general this is one of the games that made history. I realize though why I don’t watch football a lot…it was so intense! Whenever the score is really close I get nervous and anxious and turn into a roaring, screaming mad woman that you’d think was a fan for life. My emotions get involved that you’d think I was the coach out there on the field telling them what to do. I’m thinking about learning the game and picking a team though, but we shall see. But can we not have the Patriots in the Super Bowl next year I mean geez.

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