Concerts and Such: Tamia

    Ever since I heard the song “Leave it Smokin” I knew I wanted to see Tamia if I could because I love that song. Now I know Tamia has a range of hits so I figured it would be a good show and worth seeing. The only thing is she had no shows in DC, […]

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Concerts and Such: Dawes

    What a day thus far…tonight I went to Wolf Trap to see Dawes. I remember when I debated back and forth as to if I should get tickets or not but opted to because their music somewhat relaxes me and puts me at ease (and I could really use that right now). The show was […]

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Shots, Shots, Shots

Oh the savagery of 2017, my goodness and we’re not even into the 3rd month of the year yet. I like these two ladies both Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma and I was completely surprised to hear that they are now beefing with each other. Now apparently many are saying that this started because of […]

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Welcome to! (pronounced Coop Her) has been a long time coming and I’m so excited that I am finally able to expand my Instagram blog at alesemalese which can be found using the hashtag 8mabc (#8mabc)! In short this site will elaborate a bit more as to the posts that I post on Instagram. A little […]

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