Tuned In: The 59th Grammy’s

For the last couple of years (maybe 2 or 3), I haven’t really been interested in watching awards shows unless it’s the Oscars or Golden Globes. I used to be such a fan of music awards shows whether it was the Grammy’s, VMA’s or BET awards, but now not so much. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a lover of music but I do inquire as to how they go about selecting who will be nominated in each category. Quite honestly I feel like a lot of times people get snubbed from receiving award that they deserve (an nominations). Because I’m a music blogger I know that there are so many more artists with great music out there and it seems as though these shows only cater to major label artists (or should I say the most popular artists with a hefty fan base). I love my major artists but there are some dope ass independent artists as well and I feel as though they should be recognized.

I love a performance but I love when I can go to a show and see one of my favorite artists in a more intimate/smaller setting (it just feels more personable). Many of the categories were a no brainer as to who would win the award while others you really couldn’t tell. There were a couple of beautiful moments that stuck out to me last night with the first one being the performance of Chance the Rapper…when I tell you my spirit felt so uplifted I wanted to be on stage praising HIM with him because God is a good God. Chance deserved all that he received last night and I hope that he continues to be himself and successful. Secondly Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood sang my song “Fighter” and when I tell you I love that song I mean I jumped up out of my seat and started dancing when the music began to play. I’m so glad that that song got some widely viewed exposure last night.

Then there is Beyonce who is AMAZING at what she does! Her visuals last night were everything and she always has such a creative aspect with her performances; it’s just simply amazing to watch. I will say though I was wondering what type of performance she was going to give seeing as though she is pregnant with twins (I honestly expected her to be leaping across the stage like Ciara did in her living room to Whitney Houston but I should’ve known that Beyonce ain’t trying to do all of that). Anyway it was a really gorgeous performance as usual. Now I will admit, at one point I did fall asleep as I had been up since 5am that morning but I woke up to Adele apologizing and asking  to start over (it was the voice of the audience that woke me up). I will say though, when I woke up as I was listening to her tribute to George Michael it was really beautiful (so much so I want the song with her singing it). I did hear them bleep her out when she messed up but that’s Adele she cusses like a sailor and means no harm by it (at least not that time).

Bruno Mars had me dancing and is so full of energy. Ever since his Superbowl performance with Beyonce I have liked him more and more. I missed his Prince tribute but I heard he did a really good job. The performance by a Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes was very political and needed. We can’t ignore what’s going on in our country and if we’re against it we should stand up and do what we can to protect it’s good nature amongst the corruption. Lastly there was the Album of the year award awarded to Adele. After receiving I believe Song and Record of the year she took that won too against Lemonade. Her acceptance speech though was an offering an offering to give the award to Beyonce because she felt as though that album was her sharing her soul with us (and we know how personal Beyonce is). It was really beautiful to witness as both women came to tears and expressed their love and admiration for the others (and I had to agree I think as an album Lemonade was better than 25). But this is what we need more of women uplifting each other and it made me happy to see especially when some pit them against each other in regards to sells and setting records.

Now for some critiquing of the Grammy’s you all have 1 got to get your sound together. There were some instances in which the mics weren’t working and we couldn’t hear and that looks really tacky and unprofessional (I know you all can do better). 2, you all have to give people ample time to talk and do their acceptance speech. I understand there is a time limit but to completely cut someone off and move on is very rude, I mean this means so much to people and some are surprised when they win so they need a moment to gather themselves once they step on that stage to accept the award. I also suggest that more independent artists be featured and receive nominations (either that or there needs to be an independent artists awards show). Just look at Chance the Rapper, he’s and independent artist who has made headlines as that of a major. It’s not about who you are signed to but who you are as an artist. James Cordon the host did a great job (I love watching his car karaoke shows). Now as to if I will watch next year…we’ll see.



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