Shots, Shots, Shots

Oh the savagery of 2017, my goodness and we’re not even into the 3rd month of the year yet. I like these two ladies both Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma and I was completely surprised to hear that they are now beefing with each other. Now apparently many are saying that this started because of Remy’s last freestyle but when asked about it on the radio she clearly said that she wasn’t talking about Nicki and that anyone that knows her knows that she wouldn’t be afraid to call her out if she was talking about her so that she and everyone else would know (and knowing Remy I believe her) so when she said she wasn’t talking about her that was the end of that situation right there (or so I thought). Then on Friday Nicki drops a collaboration song with Gucci entitled “Make Love” and the buzz on social media was stating that she went off in her verse, so of course me being the music guru that I am I went and listened to it and my thoughts were simply, “Who is she talking about?”

I assumed she was talking about Lil Kim since they seem to have this never-ending rival but I think a few of those bars may have hit home with Remy because that was the last straw for her. In less than 36 hrs Remy then drops “ShEther” where she hit below the belt in every way imaginable and took prisoners. I was in total awe to hear that Remy made a diss record, like for what and why because I didn’t feel as though Nicki was talking about her but to her “bestie” Kim. It was definitely a lot to take in and I immediately felt bad for Nicki. I’m hoping that this was all just a big misunderstanding and that Nicki wasn’t throwing subliminal shots at Remy but sadly if that were the case I think this would’ve been expressed by now but it hasn’t been and by now there is some damage that’s already been done.

If I were Nicki and this is about Remy, I would’ve given Remy the same respect whereas if you’re talking about her address her directly; she still won’t like it but at least then it’s somewhat respected instead of the subliminal shots. But too if I were Remy I would’ve called Nicki up (I know she gotta have a way to get in contact with her) and asked her directly, “Hey, am I reflected in this at all?” I think that Nicki would’ve answered honestly and if yes them boom ShEther hits and if no all of this now beef could’ve been avoided. I hate to see them have beef and would’ve rather had them work together but I don’t think that that will happen because they are in a bit too deep at this point. People are wondering if and when Nicki will respond as of so far the only thing she’s said in regards to it addressing Remy was posting stats on her latest project but then quickly deleted it. That’s another thing, if you’re going to a boss move like that leave it up there because let me tell you once social media gets a glimpse of it it’s out there forever you can delete it all you want but it’s like it’s still there. I don’t know what she’ll do next but I hope she takes the high road and just leaves it alone. I respect them both but you don’t want zero problems Barb, not with this one.

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