Concerts and Such: Thundercat

     So I arrived at the venue at about 8:45pm and had to park a good bit away. To tell you the truth though I almost didn’t make it I almost caught a case tonight when someone hit my car not once but twice all because they were trying to cut in front of the truck behind me and the truck wasn’t having it. Meanwhile while I get out to cuss the people in the car out the truck has gone on about their business. Sorry I digress, so maybe 5 minutes after I arrive the show begins. The 1st DJ played some pretty good mixes but then the mood became spooky which just fueled the anger I still felt in getting here. Then I realized all in all my car is fine, I’m fine and I won’t let that ruin the night. Peabody I believe he said his name was continued to play the EDM haunted house mixes which was still eh, creepy.

No offense to the 1st DJ but I like the 2nd one a lot better. He had more of my attention and seeing the guy in the front neck rolling with his head just going round and round was hilarious. Random sidenote: I can almost always tell when I come to a show straight from work because I’m not in the mood to see anyone but the main act and leave. After a hard day’s work nobody wants (or at least I don’t) to be here all night (no offense to the opening acts because I know that’s how a lot of artists get their start.  Needless to say after some time I wasn’t the only one that felt this way because the crowd began to call for Thundercat but alas, Peabody will be back out before him.

Random sidenote: I checked myself earlier after the show started because alas I am behind tall people. Before I even gave myself the energy to start I quickly realized I’m standing on the side and I was the one that said if they are on the side that would be ideal. Well I didn’t have to worry about that for long. Peabody came back out and went through more songs. After a while though we were all just ready for Thundercat. You could tell that the crowd was getting ancy but had the 9:30 Club tweeted out set times we would’ve known who to expect and for how long.

Let me tell you though when Thundercat came out he really did his thing, him and his band. They played what seem like song after song after song continuously and you could definitely tell that it was a lot because he was onstage from 10:30pm-12:30am. Even though getting there proved to be a challenge all had been forgotten once he hit the stage; I was in the zone. He played the songs I wanted to hear such as Bus in These Streets and Lava Lamp. I heard a few others that I will go back and check out too.

I tried to pin a category or mood to how I think his music feels and I came up with mad fun house. Some of the beats are crazy weird but fun. And his band they all work really well together. They were so in sync with each other and to play as consistently as they did was amazing. I was entertained even though I was a bit tired. I would definitely see him again. He brought the energy and good vibes. I’m not gonna lie though once I knew it was the real last song I inched to the back so I could be the 1st out of the door when the lights come on. It doesn’t matter how tired I am I always stay until the end of the show. You never know what you might miss.

The next show coming up is The Underachievers next month. 

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