Concerts and Such: The Underachievers

I apologize in advance because I am highly distracted by the fact that I currently have lost my license so I’m so paranoid right now. Anyway though, tonight is the Underachievers at 8pm. I remember blogging about them either last year or the year before but either way I was impressed and it was my first time hearing of them. As I parked in a spot that I found fairly quickly I began walking towards the venue. On my way there I passed by Fringe (worked there over the summer) and saw they were open so I stopped by and chatted with a few good friends.

     Now onward to the show and as I arrive to the box office I pull out my wallet to get my license…and nothing. It wasn’t in there and me thinking I overlooked it checked it again and again and again but no matter how many times I checked it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Feeling very worried and confused I had my head down as I would have to be accounted as a minor tonight (ugh, good grief good thing I wasn’t planning on drinking tonight). Now to think of where it could be for I remember the last time I had it was Sunday.

     Not gonna lie this kind of killed my vibe a little (not to mention my throat is killing me and I’m trying so hard not to catch this cold). Still waiting for the Underachievers and am going to try to have a good time. I may leave early though. I will say though it wasn’t sold out there was actually about half of the floor available to move up but I chose to stay toward the back to actually get a better view. I tell you one thing it seemed like mostly everyone in there knew the words to the songs and I didn’t know any. You see I only heard of/liked the first album they had and thought that they would perform some of those songs (even if they did I didn’t recognize them).

     They had a few audio issues but they were resolved quickly (unlike a show in Baltimore I went to last year-the audio kept going out). They had great stage presence and were lit the entire time. Two young boys from NY (I believe, Brooklyn at that). They may not be well-known yet but I do believe that they are well on their way.

     One sure way to ruin the mood of a show is 2 things for me: 1 is throwing water in the crowd (like hello some ladies get their hair done all cute and pretty just for the show and then you want to go and throw water…how dare you sir) and 2 the smell of weed; just completely kills the vibe for me. Now during the Underachievers set I’ve seen security put people out that he caught smoking. Then of course they (the Underachievers) decide that they want to smoke and I’m like…how, they won’t even let patrons smoke? It’s 10:41pm and I’ve taken all the pictures I think I’m going to take. At 11pm I’m out I’ve got to work in the morning, still want to look for and find my license and my stomach is growling. But guess what, at 10:53 they said goodnight and the show was over.

The next show is Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote later this week.

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