Concerts and Such: 6lack

The night has finally come where 6lack is on tour and his stop lands in DC. Truth be told I’ve been a fan since I first heard “Prblms.” That beat…the lyrics…I just spoke to me and I thought, “Yeah, this right here is real nice, who is this?” I definitely was initially confused with how to pronounce his name (it is pronounced like black in case you didn’t know). His look, style and sound was different and I was intrigued and interested. I definitely knew that I wanted to see him live so it was no surprise to me when I saw he was going on tour (it was really just a matter of time as to when). Thanks to the Spotify pre sale (Spotify is always hooking me up-love them), I was able to purchase my tickets before they went on sale to the public (which was goo because the show ended up selling out). I however can’t figure out why I didn’t get a meet and greet. The only reasons I can think of is that it was either too expensive (security said it was $50 but I don’t remember it being that cheap because I would’ve gotten that (I think it was $75) ) or they sold out before I could get it (I honestly think it was both). Doesn’t matter though at least I had a ticket in.

Now I actually worked earlier today before the show (as I do most of the time) and was lucky enough to get a quick power nap in before I got on the train and made my way to the 9:30 Club. Doors were slated to open at 7pm and I figured I don’t mind standing in line for up to an hour before doors so I aimed to be there at 6pm. Well that power nap had me give in an extra ten minutes so I arrived at the venue around 6:12pm. As I’m walking towards the venue I see a line and figured that can’t be good if I can see it before I even get to it but in actuality it wasn’t that bad. To arrive at that time it was to be expected and honestly could’ve been worse. After about 15 minutes of standing in line I could begin to feel myself getting really cold. I did my best trying to stay as still as possible and psyching my mind out into thinking I’ll be warm if I do that. Doors ended up opening shortly after 7pm.

Once inside I took a look at the merchandise hoping that I would see some of the merchandise that he advertised on his Instagram as being available online and I didn’t see one of those items there. I opted to wait and go back and check online and order what I saw that I really wanted to get (it was between a hat or crew neck long sleeve t-shirt. The next stop was bathrooms and then upstairs towards the balcony (I had already decided that I would take my chances with being upstairs instead of downstairs). At this point the front of the floor has been taken and I would rather be in the front at the top with the rail to lean on. That decision worked out great as I was front and center upstairs with a full view of the stage (I initially wanted to be on the far left but that area was blocked off as reserved).

It didn’t take long for the balcony to fill up so I was glad that I arrived when I did. The only challenge would be don’t accidentally drop your phone or anything else for there are people at the bottom. The venue fills up as the night goes on and I want to say at about 8:30pm was when the DJ came out. DJ ToneeT1 I believe his name was got the crowd hype and ready for the night’s performance. Right after him out comes the lovely Sabrina Claudio. Sabrina performed for at least a half hour and she sounds just as amazing live. Her vocal range is powerful and she added a little flair and sex appeal to her performance by setting the mood with her stage presence. Even though she didn’t sing any songs that I knew (I was waiting to hear Everlasting Love and Natural) the crowd knew them and was singing word for word. I must admit I usually haven’t heard any music from the opening acts but since I’d heard Sabrina I was also excited to see her and she didn’t disappoint.

6lack came on at about 9:30pm sharp and OMG that boy is fine! As if I already didn’t have a crush on him he pretty much commanded the stage and crowd with his stage presence. I enjoyed the visuals he had playing in the background throughout each song. I also think that it was a very humbling experience for him to see all the love that were giving him. Sometimes artists don’t get that realization until they can actually see all the people and lives that they’ve touched or connected with through their music. Let me tell you though 6lack sand every song I knew which included That Far, Worst Luck, First Fuck and Prblms. He went through his entire album and after hearing him live I definitely need to go back and listen to the album again because the songs that I heard that I didn’t know I liked. He did a nice little freestyle for us about where he’s from and made good conversation in between songs.

“It’s crazy what can happen in 2 years,” he said for all of this was “All a dream.” I know that he has a beautiful baby girl named Syx and he spoke of how he works so hard for her. He’s a young man finally getting his time and I’m really proud of him. Whenever I find out about an artist early on and feature them in my blog and follow their careers I feel as though I have special ties to them (like I know them personally). Even though I don’t it’s good to see them evolve and become more well-known for they all deserve it. He also told everyone that if you have a dream to keep chasing it and work towards it as if you know it will be yours. Amen amen keep hope alive and keep striving towards your dreams no matter the situation. “The world is going through it and you might be going through it but you can make it,” was essentially what he said.

I know that he did a song with Sabrina Claudio (a remix) and he brought her back out to perform the song with him (they looked so cute performing the song Belong To You. There were times throughout the night I would record some of the songs I know and I would get so lost in the words and the moment that I would lose focus and him in my camera frame, lol. And there a couple of time when I just stood back and watched him and the crowd while thinking, “This is a really good show. I’m glad that I was able to e here tonight.” Tell me why though he tries to end the night before he does the song Prblms…we all knew it wasn’t over because that was the one song he absolutely had to perform and making it last of course was ideal. Man he came back out and performed that song shirtless giving us body! Chest nice, ripped and tatted (I was in my zone though singing along but I definitely noticed). And that was the show.

Heading out I decided to wait until after the crowd cleared out a little bit because there was congestion both downstairs and upstairs so I stayed put for a moment. At some point these two girls got into it because all you heard was yelling and I turn around and one girl was leaning over from another part arguing with a girl going down the steps and then she ran down to go get her! It took someone to go get her and physically pick her up and bring her back upstairs but homegirl wasn’t letting it go for she was rushing to go back down and get that girl (I’m inclined to believe that the girl going down the steps started it and didn’t think the other girl would really do anything). Although I seemed slightly annoyed like, “Come on you all we just enjoyed a great show let’s all get along” part of me was telling the girl from the balcony, “Girl go get her!” Anyway I waited till that died down and then I cleared the venue. No rush this time for I knew I would have time to make my train.

The next upcoming show and so far the last show of the year will be Rapsody on Dec. 2nd.

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