Concerts and Such: Rapsody

This is my last show of the year (so far unless another surprise show happens) and it happens to be Rapsody. Now I’ve known about Rapsody since I was in school in NC and am even sure that I’ve seen her perform down there once for something. This was back when she had her mixtapes and was more up and coming, well look at her now. I remember the songs ABC, Blankin Out, Crush Groove and Lampin. I’m proud of the success that she is receiving as more and more people are being exposed to her.
The show was at the Songbyrd Cafe a venue I hadn’t been to since earlier this year when I saw THEY and Rapsody ended up selling out for the night. Not that I was surprised because the venue is only but so big but what makes it good is that it is up close and personal (intimate). I debated with how I would get there, would I drive… no (I don’t know the area that well and from what I remember parking was a pain) so that meant I was going to have to metro it only problem with that is it limits me time wise (I’ll have to make sure I make the last train) and I’ll have to Lyft it (because even with the metro the venue isn’t close enough to it). That was the plan and I was on my way. I found out about an hour before I was going to leave that doors got pushed back to 8pm instead of 7pm. Maybe the mass of people there when I arrived didn’t get that memo because my place was toward the back of the line, ugh.
She had 3 people to open before her and what I liked was that it didn’t take long for the show to start and each act went shortly after each other (so no waiting a half an hour in between acts). Everyone did great leading up to her performance. The 1st (GQ) was from LA (Los Angeles), the 2nd (Don Flamingo) from New Orleans and the 3rd (Deante Hitchcock) from ATL. Rapsody came out and rocked the crowd with most if not all of her songs from her latest album Laila’s Wisdom. She had a little fun with a guy in the crowd named Lee (she made sure to announce single guys only because she didn’t want to be in any mess) as she flirted with him during the song Rollercoaster Love. She also spoke some inspiring and encouraging words telling everyone to not give up on your dreams and to fulfill your purpose. It was a great show and I waited afterwards and got a chance to meet and speak with her on when I 1st heard about her, congratulated her on everything (we still couldn’t figure out where I may have seen her perform before though) and got a photo. Trains were still running (since it’s the weekend) but I would’ve stayed regardless to meet her in the end. She was very approachable, humble, down to earth and nice. A great way to end the year of shows.

See y’all next year!


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