Concerts and Such: The Soul Rebels with GZA and Talib Kweli

    Yes ladies and gentlemen we have another show tonight and it is The Soul Rebels with GZA and Talib Kweli. The show is at the 9:30 Club tonight with door opening at 7pm and the show slated to begin at 8pm. I arrived right at 8pm with a small line forming on the outside (at least it was moving). Most however where in line to pick up their tickets at will call so the actual line getting in was much shorter. It wasn’t until I was in line that I realized I want credit for attending this show and I needed my 9:30 Club member card. Well of course I left that at home in my other wallet but luckily I have a copy via email (I just had to look for it). I stepped to the side and found it and proceeded inside. (Randomly while looking for this I saw that Tank and the Bangas are going to be at the 9:30 Club in October and I thought although I just saw them at SXSW I would love to go to their headlining show so I will probably get a ticket soon).

    I assumed that the floor was pretty full because I saw on Twitter earlier a low ticket warning. However once I got upstairs and looked down the floor wasn’t full at all. I rushed downstairs and headed towards the front. Not long after I took my spot on the floor the opening band Footwerk came out and performed. Now I think a co-worker originally told me about them and that I should check them out and I hadn’t yet heard of them, so now was my chance. They began performing and I already had a sense of their style for I knew they were an area band and had somewhat of a go go, new age yet old school hip hop R&B vibe.

    By about 3 songs in I’m liking what I’m hearing and I remembered seeing that they were having an upcoming show at Songbyrd (but because I hadn’t heard of them yet I didn’t get a ticket). I debated maybe I’ll get a ticket after all and go to their 1st show (or at least 1 of their 1st shows). I definitely knew that since they said they just released an album that I would spotlight one of their singles for my #newmusicfriday post tomorrow. Their music was catchy and fun and they are an area band (I like supporting the locals) so playing here and opening up for Talib Kweli is a big deal for them.

    I feel as though they had efficient set time to perform and they were able to perform a good number of songs. They sang some of their own songs as well as some cover songs and we rocked to them in the crowd. As they breaked and we waited I was able to move up to the very front and then The Soul Rebels came out. They consisted of a group of about 7-9 guys each playing instruments and man could they play! It’s no wonder that I believe they’re from New Orleans because they have that type of sound. They were good, really good and they played consistently for a long time. Needless to say they had the place rocking before GZA and Talib Kweli came out.

     GZA (from WuTang) came out and shut it down on the stage by doing song after song backed with the Soul Rebels. Once his set was done, Talib graced the stage and took it home. There’s just something about old school hip hop, it never dies and always still has some sort of relevance. I had noticed earlier on Twitter Talib (perhaps unknowingly so) started a debate. Apparently a follower had racist friends and a lot of people (Talib included) didn’t see how a not racist person could have racist friends. I mean after all aren’t you the company you keep? I agree I don’t get it and could never be friends with a racist or even a sexist. Anyway a fight seemed to break out behind me and Talib addressed it by saying something like, “There’s enough hate coming from the White House not too far from here so make some noise if you came here to have a good time and not fight”. So we proceeded to jam and we ended the night on Get By. The show ended around 11:30pm and I knew I wouldn’t make it to metro in time so a Lyft to my car (which I parked at a further destination earlier) it was. It was all worth it.

The next show so far is Jesse Ware in May and maybe Broccoli City before then, but stay tuned.


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