Concerts and Such: Jessie Ware

    I feel as though it’s been some time since my last show (it’s really only been about a month) but tonight I made my way to the Lincoln Theater to see Jessie Ware. Her last album I thought was well done and was excited at the chance of hearing her perform it live. What I didn’t know was that this show tonight is the last stop on her tour. Doors were at 6:30pm and the show is supposed to start at 8pm (I figured I’ll get there at about 7:15pm which I did). Once inside, everything was about halfway full (top and bottom). The Lincoln Theater although this is a GA (general admission) show has seats so thank the Lord I don’t have to stand. I ended up sitting on the main floor, in the right section towards the back on the left aisle.

    Guess what? At 8pm they actually started…on time! There was an opener which I wasn’t expecting but should’ve figured and he had about 35-40 minute set. His name was Alan (I don’t remember his last name-artists please speak clearly when saying your name and don’t forget to say it so we know who you are). He had a nice I think British accent and squiggled and bopped across the stage. He sang a good 7-8 songs and I liked some more so than others. Of course by now I had to use the bathroom but didn’t want to lose my seat and since I came alone I chose to leave my bag in the seat that way if I came back and someone was sitting there they had every right to catch these hands for moving my stuff. It worked and no one touched it so no fights tonight.

    Alan was done with his set and there was a brief intermission before Jessie Ware came out. You could see people using this moment to take bathroom breaks and going to get drinks. There were also people who I guess couldn’t find seats looking for any extra spots that might be available. There was one next to me and a girl inquired about it and I told her no one was sitting there so she took the seat next to me. About 10 minutes later Jessie took the stage and the crowd went wild. I could see from my seat a girl in the front row dancing the night away all ready and assumed she was the ultimate Jessie Ware fan and that this probably wasn’t her first show. I began to realize early that she likely would do her entire album because I didn’t recognize any of the first few songs in which she did.

    I began to hear some songs I recognized and sang away with her and the crowd. At one point towards the front Jessie was serenading a guy to the side and from my seat I could see his arms lifted as he danced and twirled (lol) it was hilarious and we all got a kick out of it especially Jessie. They had a cute moment in which they got to know each other with, “What’s your name and where are you from”. Somehow that led to a story of how Jessie helped him get through a divorce and his sister a breakup. Security began to walk that way and Jessie told them they were ok and that Bob (the guy) looked bigger than him and would probably take him out. Then it was back to singing song after song.

    She performed with such grace and shared some experiences with us. For one, I didn’t know that she had a daughter that she said she eagerly was waiting to get home to (I’m sure it’s a challenge touring and not having your child with you). And man oh man she can hold a note her range is amazing! It’s a whole different experience live because you truly get to hear the voice. I remember her coming to DC before and lose sight of the reason as to why I was unable to make that show but she said that DC was one of her favorite places and that she saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. During her encore she came out and sang 3 more songs and that was the night. I actually like the Lincoln Theatre as a venue and don’t know why more artists don’t utilize it as an option. Oh well, back on the metro I go because driving here on a Friday night with good weather is a no no.

     My next show will be Bishop Briggs later on this month. I have a lot of upcoming shows though in this order: Bishop Briggs, Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown feat Rich the Kid, 6lack and H.E.R., Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Jay Z and Leon Bridges. Of course there will definitely be more just stay tuned.


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