Concerts and Such: Bishop Briggs

    It seems like it’s been awhile since my last show but tonight at 9:30 Club we have Bishop Briggs. I have to admit since I first blogged on her song River (which I’ve heard used in commercials to promote a show) I thought it’d be good to see her live. I had a chance to when I was at SXSW (South by Southwest) back in March and as I stood in line with my Platinum badge the venue was at capacity. It was a one out one in situation and the way the line was there was no way I was getting in (that and the fact that no one was coming out). So since I had already bought this ticket by that time I said, “No worries, I’m going to her show in May anyway”. It would’ve been nice though to get a little preview.

    Doors were slated to open at 7pm and I hadn’t seen any notices saying she was sold out so I figured I’d get there at about 7. I knew parking could be tricky in the area but opted to drive anyway (street parking shouldn’t be that bad after 6pm). I parked probably right at 7pm and was about a good 4 blocks away from the venue so I walked there on this lovely afternoon. Getting there after doors had me wondering what type of line to expect but it wasn’t that long and was moving at a good pace. Once inside, I first decided to use the bathroom once I saw hardly anyone was in there. Next I headed for an area called “Food Food” to get my free birthday cupcake (so 9:30 Club has this thing where if you are apart of their club called Friends with Benefits that during your birthday month you get a free cupcake if you attend a show (my birthday was May 18th). Anyone that knows me knows I don’t turn down free food so I went and got my cupcake.

    Looking around trying to figure out where I would stand for the night I opted for the floor. I know it was early but it was surprisingly very empty. Hey if you can get close enough on the floor why not. So I stood to the right side of the floor and ate my cupcake. *As previously mentioned before I stand corrected, after just checking Twitter for set times it showed that she is sold out for tonight.* One thing I can say is that they got started right on time at 8pm the opening act The Foreign Air came out. /hw best way that I know how to describe their music is EDM/Pop/Trance and I have to admit out of about 8 songs that they sang I at least liked 4 of them. Their music is definitely what I can hear at the many different EDC festivals that Insomniac puts on. By the fifth song however I was about done and was ready for the main act no offense to them. Their beats were on point and initially I thought the singer was a woman due to the voice but it was a guy. They performed for a good 30-35 minutes and then they transformed the set in prep for Bishop.

    The anticipation was there and we were all ready for Bishop and when she came out the crowd went wild. She brought forth so much energy and it hyped me up. Her stage presence was amazing and she made full use of the stage as she danced and sang across it. She stated how she had been to DC twice before and actually opened for acts at the 9:30 Club…she said this experience felt better than both of those combined. She sang songs (all of them I believe) from her album and those included some of my favorites like River, White Flag and The Fire all while not missing a beat or breath. She explained the meanings behind some of her songs (I always love when artists do this) and spoke of equality for all. It seems as though she has a great personality and you could tell that she was fully enjoying her moment performing at her own sold out show. I think she is underrated and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to look forward to from her. Amazing!


The next upcoming show will be Nipsey Hussle next month.

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