Concerts and Such: Dawes

    What a day thus far…tonight I went to Wolf Trap to see Dawes. I remember when I debated back and forth as to if I should get tickets or not but opted to because their music somewhat relaxes me and puts me at ease (and I could really use that right now). The show was set to start at 7:30 and I wish I could tell you if that were the case but I didn’t arrive until 8pm due to work. I didn’t really expect too many people to be at this show but more were here than expected. I was sure though that I’d be the only or one of few black people in attendance and I was alright with that.

    Parking wasn’t too crazy but I will definitely need to leave early I thought. I get to my section in the Loge and the usher proceeds to tell me that they didn’t sell out and that I could pretty much sit wherever I wanted. So I sat about three rows back in an empty row versus my seat in-between six people. I must’ve just missed the first act for the usher said there was a 20 minute intermission about to take place. I sat for a moment and thought of my hectic day so far.

    After 20 minutes Shovels & Rope came on and I must say they were quite good. I must admit I dozed off for a little bit but honestly I couldn’t help it, I was seated, only the stage was lit up and I’ve had quite a day. Once fully awake I enjoyed the final 20 minutes of their set as they wrapped up at about 9:20pm. This had me wondering…how long will it be before Dawes comes out. It was a little chilly out tonight (good thing I brought a jacket) and I has already made up my mind that I would stay for 30 minutes for Dawes’ performance and then make my way to the parking lot (which will take a good 15 minutes) so I don’t get stuck in this pile up heading out when it’s over.

    It’s about 9:40pm and the place goes dark and the crowd begins to cheer. Dawes comes out and it doesn’t take long before I hear a song that I know (I only know 2) and the 1st one was “Feed the Fire” off of their latest album Passwords. I remember that being a song on a Spotify playlist I had and shortly after just curating the playlist I could immediately identify it as them due to their sound which is more of an alternative pop. Their music just puts me at ease and makes me feel like I’m a part of a music video into a simple yet deep situation…pretty cool right? I figured given the amount of time I was going to stay for their performance I probably wouldn’t hear my other favorite by them titled “Things Happen” but what do you know they performed it and well it happened. After that song it was about 10:23pm and I was content with calling it a night as I saw people scattering here and there looking as though they were about to leave and hearing them announce that they had a few more songs to play. I made my way to the parking lot and getting out was a breeze. It was a good show and I’m glad that I opted to go after all because I have to admit ever since I heard “Things Happen” I had an interest in seeing them live so I felt like this would be a good time and it was.

P.S. The next upcoming show is Tamia in Sept.


Things Happen video clip



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